Azure Analysis Services connection error “The connection string is not valid”

Problem 1: When you try to design an SSRS report to get data form an Azure Analysis Services server, you may get an exception when you try to preview the report

Cannot create a connection to data source

The connection string is not valid

Problem 2: You cannot see the list of database when you try to create a connection to an Azure Analysis Services server

Problem 3: If you try to open the query editor on a report that was already created, you may get the following error

Input string was not in a correct format.


The connection string is not valid.

Problem 4: You may get the following error when trying to launch the SSRS report MDX query designer

Non-Windows user credentials were supplied for a non-http connection to Analysis Services. The Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services data extension requires Windows Integrated Security unless connecting via http or https.

Cause: The client libraries that are necessary to connect to the Azure Analysis Services server are not installed

Solution: Visit this web page Data providers for connecting to Azure Analysis Services, URL is /en-us/azure/analysis-services/analysis-services-data-providers

At the bottom of the web page, there are links to download the client libraries.