SQL Server Connector support for private Azure clouds

Starting today, the SQL Server Connector also supports private Azure clouds.

If you're using a private Azure environment, such as Azure Government, Azure China, or Azure Germany, you can now use the SQL Server Connector to manage your TDE encryption in SQL Server using your Azure Key Vault keys.

Note that there is a syntax change if you're using an Azure Key Vault from a private Azure cloud with the SQL Server Connector.

In T-SQL, you'll need to provide the full Key Vault URI instead of just the Key Vault name when creating credentials in SQL Server:

  • In public Azure:
    • CREATE CREDENTIAL Azure_EKM_Backup_cred
    •   WITH IDENTITY = 'ContosoDevKeyVault' ,
    • ...
  • In Azure Government, for example:
    • CREATE CREDENTIAL Azure_EKM_Backup_cred
    •   WITH IDENTITY = 'ContosoDevKeyVault.vault.usgovcloudapi.net' ,
    • ...

More on the setup steps in our MSDN documentation.