SQL server 2008 Filestream

Filestream is a  new feature in SQL server 2008, that allows storage and efficient access to BLOB data, using combination of SQL Server 2008 and NTFS file system.

It provides  an easy way of handling BLOB data with database transactional consistency, integrated management, security and excellent streaming performance.

It basically maintains transactional consistency between the structured and unstructured data.

Some of the highlights:-

  • Different forms of data.
  • Support/Implementation of unstructured data prior to SQL server 2008.
  • Considerations to Store BLOB data
  • Overview of Filestream
  • Limitations of FileStream
  • Enhancements

To watch the video in better quality, please check the link :- https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/SQL-server-2008-Filestream

Presented By: - Keerthi deep ,SE,Microsoft GTSC
Reviewed By: -  Sumit Sarabhai,TL,Microsoft GTSC