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Announcing Public Preview of Accelerated Database Recovery

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of Accelerated Database Recovery!

Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) is a new SQL Server Engine feature (available in Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and in the upcoming version of SQL Server on-premises) that greatly improves database availability, especially in the presence of long running transactions, by completely redesigning the current SQL Server recovery process from the ground up. The primary benefits of ADR are:

Fast and consistent Database Recovery
With ADR, long running transactions do not impact the overall recovery time, enabling fast and consistent database recovery irrespective of the number of active transactions in the system or their sizes.

Instantaneous Transaction rollback
With ADR, transaction rollback is instantaneous, irrespective of the time that the transaction has been active or the number of updates that has performed.

Aggressive Log Truncation
With ADR, the transaction log is aggressively truncated, even in the presence of active long running transactions, which prevents it from growing out of control.

For more details, please refer to the Azure SQL Database documentation.

Who should consider Accelerated Database Recovery

- Customers that have workloads with long running transactions.
- Customers that have seen cases where their active transaction log is growing significantly.
- Customers that have experienced long periods of database unavailability due to SQL Server long running recovery.

How to learn more and participate in the Public preview

Please send an email to to learn more and try out Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR). In the e-mail, include the name of your logical server (for single databases, elastic pools, and Azure Data Warehouse). Since this is a preview feature, your testing server should be a non-production server.