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Sriram Krishnan

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Moved to

I've stopped posting here and have moved to - please point your...

Author: sriram Date: 12/02/2006

The Microsoft Device Emulator goes Shared Source

At BarCamp yesterday, someone asked about the ability to see the source code for the emulator. I was...

Author: sriram Date: 07/17/2006

Feed mess

Something I've been working on at work deals with feeds - I have to read, parse and derive meaning...

Author: sriram Date: 07/15/2006

Moving to

After several years, I've finally found the time to get off my lazy backside and get myself a domain...

Author: sriram Date: 06/24/2006

So long Robert

Good luck to you in your new gig. You'll be missed around here.

Author: sriram Date: 06/11/2006

Sheer beauty - how do you poll?

From time to time, you see an algorithm or a technique that makes you marvel at the sheer beauty of...

Author: sriram Date: 06/08/2006

Done with my talk

I'm finally done with my MEDC talk. It went really well though it was the last talk of the day. I'll...

Author: sriram Date: 05/10/2006

Finally at Redmond

3 long flights and an equal number of adventures later, I'm finally at Redmond at Microsoft campus....

Author: sriram Date: 05/01/2006

A Haskell programmer becomes a fan of...Visual Basic

Even though I'm a hardcore VB fan, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd see this happen. Go,...

Author: sriram Date: 04/11/2006


I finally picked up my Ship-It plaque for VS 2005 today (it had been languishing in my mail for...

Author: sriram Date: 02/14/2006


Just a little something I've been involved with for some time now :-)

Author: sriram Date: 12/09/2005

[VSD] Data - some numbers around SqlCeResultSet

Ruslan has a good post comparing performance of ResultSets and other data access options

Author: sriram Date: 11/15/2005

[VSD] A newbie's guide to SqlMobile and device data development

I've been a really bad boy when it comes to blogging - not only have I been lazy with my updates,...

Author: sriram Date: 11/11/2005

RTM baby!

The man has spoken - VS 2005 is now live! Two years ago, I was back in college watching wide-eyed as...

Author: sriram Date: 10/27/2005

Best post on Web 2.0 ever

Russell Beattie has just posted the best description of the 'Web 2.0' phenomenon I've seen so far....

Author: sriram Date: 10/27/2005

Linq underneath the covers

I had known about the LINQ project for some time now but I hadn't really realized the true power...

Author: sriram Date: 09/16/2005

[VSD] Additions to the VSD blogging family

We have 2 new additions to the VSD blogging family! First off, we have Srini who works on the...

Author: sriram Date: 09/16/2005

[VSD] Heeeere's Barry!

Every so often, you run into people who make your jaw drop and make you go "Wow!". During my first...

Author: sriram Date: 09/06/2005

[VSD] Get your biscuits and emulators here!

After some considerable nudging from your truly (well - more like annoying the life out of him...

Author: sriram Date: 09/05/2005

Best repro steps. Ever

The worst thing for a dev to get is a bug with no easy repro steps. Invariably, what happens is the...

Author: sriram Date: 08/26/2005

[Non-techie] Aamir Khan starts blogging?

I saw this on Swaroop's blog first and was stunned - it seems like Aamir Khan, one of India's...

Author: sriram Date: 08/11/2005

Winning an Oscar

Within the span of 2 days, I get linked to by first Don Box and now, Rico Mariani. This has meant...

Author: sriram Date: 08/10/2005

Functional Programming in C# - Currying

Everytime I make a post about C# or any other statically typed language, I get hit by a ton of...

Author: sriram Date: 08/07/2005

Chains of affection: The structure of adolescent romantic and sexual networks

That is the title of this paper studying high-school dating. There are not too many academic papers...

Author: sriram Date: 08/07/2005

[VSD] Long names in the device emulator and other hacks

Do you hate the long names in the device emulator manager in Visual Studio 2005? Want to know where...

Author: sriram Date: 08/05/2005

Object test bench rocks!

You ever get that feeling when you stumble across something truly mind-blowing and you want to blog...

Author: sriram Date: 08/01/2005

Occasional blog posts and Visual Sudoku

Even though I've been a part of my team at Microsoft only for a couple of months, I've already...

Author: sriram Date: 07/28/2005


The views expressed on this weblog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of my...

Author: sriram Date: 07/24/2005

Virtual Earth goes live

I just saw on Steve Rubel's blog that Virtual Earth has gone live. I've been playing around with the...

Author: sriram Date: 07/24/2005

Python on the Smartphone

Before you get all worked up thanks to the sensationalistic title, Jim Hugunin and Guido have...

Author: sriram Date: 07/02/2005

Digging into Spec# - 1

A lunch conversation with Roshan lead me to download and play with Spec# from MSR. To quote the...

Author: sriram Date: 06/18/2005

Life at Microsoft - 1

I've been a bad blogger after moving over here to and I plan to make up for it. Life...

Author: sriram Date: 06/16/2005

Hello World

Hello everyone. I took the red pill recently and joined Microsoft as a PM on Visual Studio for...

Author: sriram Date: 06/04/2005