Cloud Platform Release Announcements for May 30, 2018

Power BI Desktop | Power BI Desktop - GA

New features and updates are now available in Power BI Desktop:

  • Reporting: Conditional formatting by a different field, Advanced slicer syncing, Log axis improvements, Data label options for funnel chart, and Set line stroke width to zero.
  • Analytics: Measure drill through.
  • Power BI Premium: Incremental refresh (preview).
  • Custom visuals: Collage by CloudScope and Chinese Color Map.
  • Data connectivity: New “From Web” connector - By example data extraction (preview), Common Data Service for Apps connector (beta), Azure KustoDB connector (beta), Google BigQuery and Azure HDInsight Spark connectors now generally available, Adobe Analytics connector update - Support for multiple domain logins (preview), Visual Studio Team Services connector update - Analytics views support, OLE DB connector update - Support for alternate Windows credentials, and SAP BW DirectQuery connector update - Improved technical name support.
  • Data preparation: Improvements to Add Column from Examples.

For more information on these new features and others, read the May 2018 update feature summary on the Power BI Blog.

Power BI mobile and mixed reality apps - GA

New features and updates are now available in the Power BI mobile apps: Drill down & up on Mobile and a demo video for the Power BI for HoloLens app. For more information on these new features and others, visit the Power BI Blog.

Azure GDPR Data Subject Requests processing capability | GA

On May 25, the beginning of enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we announced that we have released an unmatched array of new features and resources to help support compliance with the GDPR and the policy needs of Azure customers.
New offerings to support the compliance of Azure customers with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) include:

  • Azure Policy enables you to set policies in Azure to conform to the GDPR. Available at no cost to Azure customers, Azure Policy lets you define and enforce policies that help your cloud environment become compliant with internal policies as well as external regulations.
  • Azure Data Subject Request (DSR) portal helps you fulfill GDPR requests. Using the portal, you can identify information associated with a data subject and execute DSRs including the ability to access, rectify, delete, and export personal data in the cloud.
  • Compliance Manager for Azure helps you assess and manage GDPR compliance. Compliance Manager’s GDPR dashboard enables you to assign, track, and record your GDPR compliance activities so you can collaborate across teams and manage your documents for creating audit reports more easily.
  • The Azure Security and Compliance GDPR Blueprint accelerates your GDPR deployment. This new Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint will help you build and launch cloud-powered applications that meet GDPR requirements.

Learn more by reading New automated policy enforcement and unmatched tools support robust GDPR compliance.

Azure AD B2C Updates

Azure AD B2C recently announced more customization options and made it easier to configure. We've added in public preview enhanced flexibility for customizing your login and registration experiences, updated our portal so that features are more easiliy accessible, added new features that make it easy to use custom Open ID Connect (OIDC) identity providers in built-in policies, and extended how custom OIDC providers work in custom policies to make configuration easier. Lastly, the Language Customization features are now generally available. Check it out on our blog.

Azure AD B2B Collaboration improvements to meet GDPR obligations

Azure AD B2B Collaboration improvements released this month improve the experience for giving partners access to business resources, but also help support organizations' obligations under GDPR. First, there is no more reliance on an email for receiving an invitation to collaborate. Now guest users can simply access the application you've invited them to. Invitees will also now see an updated consent screen with a privacy statement to accept before joining, and they can opt to leave an organization and have their account removed with a new self-service option.

Learn more about these great new features on the blog.