Using Operational Insights to find missing Update Rollups for OpsMgr

Today I was looking for an easy way to find if I had installed the latest Update Rollups for Operations Manager 2012 R2 on all my machines. I know I had installed the latest Update Rollup 4 for OpsMgr 2012 R2 manually in my Windows Azure Pack demo environment.

But did I miss some machines? And as it turned out,  I did miss some machines.

I used the following query in Operational Insights to find out which machines missed the latest Update Rollup for OpsMgr 2012 R2.

Type:RequiredUpdate UpdateClassification:"Update Rollups"   " Operations Manager " | select UpdateTitle,KBID,UpdateClassification,UpdateSeverity,PublishDate,Server



As you can see I forgot to install the latest Update Rollup for the Consoles on the Orchestrator and Virtual Machine manager servers.

And to help me find missing Update Rollups the next time I saved the query to Missing OpsMgr Update Rollups Saved Search option.

Have fun checking your missing Update Rollups…