Team System Website Overhaul – What do you Think?

As I bet many of you have noticed, we’ve been systematically overhauling the VSTS website. You’ve probably noticed slow but steady changes over the past several months. Alot of you gave feedback that we needed better content here, and we agree. Thanks for the great feedback.


You can see the updated site here: Team System site. Sharon Elkins is driving the site improvements, with lots of feedback from all of us. Here’s a quick summary of some more great stuff she has on the docket:

  • Social Media – new blogs page that surfaces posts by  product cycle scenarios
  • Video Portfolio – new gallery of videos that offer a more comprehensive learning channel
  • Process Templates and Tools revised
  • Partner Products & Services revised
  • Rangers – build out new page that acts as a portal to all Ranger activities
  • Getting Started section created

I know she (and all of us) would love to hear what else you’d like to see from the product teams. She’s put up a handy link here: If you have time, take it for a spin and tell us what you like – and we can do better. :)