VersionOne Integration with TFS

VersionOne, like Rally, builds tools for Agile development. I think it is great that our customers can now use these for development! VersionOne supports several methodologies including the two most popular, Scrum and XP. I had a chance to learn about VersionOne last year when I was at AgileCon 2007. Many of our customers are heavily engaged in Agile and are interested in using more specialized tools to plan and track iterations. I think either VersionOne or Rally are great additional tools to use with TFS if you’re looking for more specialized project management.

I thought it could be useful to you to see some specifics on VersionOne to get an idea of what is possible with additional tools like this.

Quick Tour Around Version One 

Here is a quick tour around VersionOne. You could start by taking a look at all the actions that are possible in the team on the home page:


Then first place you might start is adding stories to your backlog. In VersionOne, you can do this by adding stories to the backlog. Stories are then visible for you to prioritize, edit and assign to sprints:


Next, you'd want to do detailed sprint planning.

You can then track progress against individual tasks:

As well as see the team's progress in the team burndown:

VersionOne's TFS Integration 

You can now use VersionOne planning and tracking with the TFS source control and build system. Specifically, these features are included in the new integration:

  • Easy Update:
    • Update VersionOne tasks from within the Visual Studio IDE
  • Traceability:
    • Associate checkins with VersionOne tasks and stories
    • Within VersionOne - open tasks and trace to checkin changeset information to find out what changed
    • From the changeset, trace to build information to find out when the changeset was built and whether the build was successful
    • View rollup reporting on builds, indicating which builds contain completed stories/tasks

VersionOne's overview of the integration is posted here, and a demo video is posted here