What's New in VSTS 2008 !

So today I am writing to you from San Francisco. This morning I gave a talk here at VSLive which was "A Lap Around VSTS 2008". The new product is very cool, and I would upgrade for the perf and scalability improvements in TFS Server if nothing else - we drive perf and scale numbers up in every single release. That said, there is a raft of new features here and a ton of reasons to upgrade.

For this talk I did mostly demos which is more fun. You can actually check out everything I demo'd just by downloading the VPC of the 08 release. I love this - such a quick and easy way to test drive VSTS without having to go through all the setup. You can pick them up from this link here.

I wanted to get the slides up right away so here they are: link to slides. I will come back later this week and see if I can write a short post summarizing the new features so you don't have to read all the slides if you'd like.