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October 2016 Release of MFCMAPI and MrMAPI

The October 2016 Release (build 16.0.16292.01) is live:

So – I managed somehow to let a year go by without a new release. I hadn’t stopped hacking on MFCMAPI. To the contrary – I completely rewrote all of the string handling to something a bit more modern than naked LPSTR. I also fixed that nasty bug some of you may have seen on Windows 10 – the empty error dialog when you roll over the wrong menu item.

More importantly though, I’ve overhauled my build and publication process. MFCMAPI source is no longer hosted on Codeplex (sniff). You’ll find it over on Github now:

Fortunately, I was able to migrate the complete source history, so it barely stung at all when I checked in the deletion of the source on Codeplex. Feel free to head on over to Github and party. I’m open to pull requests. This is my first project on github, so if I’m not doing things “the right way” just let me know.

I’ve also migrated my build process up to Visual Studio Team Services. I had intended to set this up on a public server, but I see now it’s still private. I’ll have to look in to migrating it. But what I’ve gained is:

  • Continuous integration: I get a build on every check in
  • Nightly builds: I build every possible variation of the project every night
  • One click build and publication to Codeplex

That last one is the crown jewel. In one action I can kick off build, package, and deploy to Codeplex. All I have to do then is check it over, write the blog post, and unhide it. Now I have zero excuses for not publishing updates more often.

I’ll forgo the change list. You can see what I’ve done up on Github.