Microsoft Store in my Windows Phone


I was searching the Zune Marketplace today and happened across the Microsoft Store app for Windows Phone. It’s actually a pretty nicely executed app and though I don’t see myself using it a ton it was handy to check prices of gear at our store, opening times and see what classes are on. I shouldn’t admit this but I may actually attend a class or two – to see what’s being said but I expect I’d learn something I don’t know on topics like Windows Live Essentials 2011. I know that’s tantamount to admitting I’m not a geek but honestly, that suite is chock full of chachka.

The most fun part was seeing my partner in crime, Kim Stocks right there in the middle of the application. Task for 2011 – get my mug shot in there. Ha ha…

Anyway you can grab the app if interested – reviews are pretty good but I agree with one comment that it’d be cool to have a daily tip or something like that to give me a reason to check back.