Ray Ozzie Memo

Richard McManus at ReadWriteWeb mentions the forthcoming memo from Ray and has some quotes from it. I’ve read the full memo and it’s a good one. There is plenty to read between the lines (which I kind of like about Ray) and I’ll publish the full thing here when it’s public. Some profound stuff like:

"To individuals, the concept of “My Computer” will give way to the concept of a personal mesh of devices – a means by which all of your devices are brought together, managed through the web, as a seamless whole. After identifying a device as being “yours”, its configuration and personalization settings, its applications and their own settings, and the data it carries will be seamlessly available and synchronized across your mesh of devices. Whether for media, control or access, scenarios ranging from productivity to media and entertainment will be unified and enhanced by the concept of a device mesh."

I’m publishing lots more on S+S and Mesh this week so keep following those tags!