New Program for Business Applications ISVs

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The growth of data and the evolution of software as a service (SaaS) applications is driving digital feedback loops that are changing how people do their work and drive their businesses. We’ve been through many iterations of both our infrastructure and our approach to building and delivering solutions. The journey for Office from client, to client-server, to SaaS has been well documented as has the evolution from our Windows Server family of offerings to Azure. With the April ’19 release of Power Platform and the updated Dynamics 365 offerings, the business application family is now well into its transformation from client & client-server offerings to a modern SaaS platform (Power Platform) and modern SaaS service (Dynamics 365). This transformation is also well documented.

As we make the Platform and SaaS transformation in this space, the time is right to modernize our independent software vendor (ISV) approach and program to support ISVs in our joint effort to accelerate deployment of PowerApps and Dynamics 365-based solutions. From how we provide better tools in the platform for ISVs and developers, to new program offerings, and alignment with Microsoft’s broader ISV efforts, we are looking holistically at how we can better serve our ISV partners. In talking with ISVs over the last few months there is excitement for the future while acknowledging that changes are needed to achieve it.

As a platform company we know our success is determined by the health of the ecosystem and as such we wanted to give you a preview of the work we are doing that will start rolling out in July. You can learn more about the program at: