Sparkle Hayter and the Sparkle Fan

I’ve been a member of the Microsoft UK PSfD team for three and a half years now but, beginning on Monday, I’m moving to a new role in Redmond. Being an ADC has definitely been the best job experience I’ve had to date: the application development consultancy work with customers is challenging and rewarding in equal measure and my team-mates have been an inspiration and a great bunch of friends.

Our managers encourage our development in every way even if that means eventually losing us from the team. I’m excited to be moving to the corporate campus in Redmond to join the Expression Interactive Designer team as a technical writer. That means I’ll be producing conceptual writing, tutorials and sample applications. Needless to say, I'll be blogging a lot about what I get up to.

EID's codename is Sparkle and today my colleagues bought me a book by a writer called Sparkle Hayter. They think that kind of thing is funny! ;-)

I, however, am a great fan of Sparkle and I'm sure you will be too.