T4 Roundup

Gareth has been posting a lot about T4 over the past few months. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of all his posts, in chronological order. Lots there to get your teeth into.

You can now try out the VS2010 features mentioned above with the release of VS2010 Beta1, VS2010 SDK Beta1, and VS2010 DSL SDK Beta1: see Dsl Tools for Visual Studio 2010.

I’ll also add one more link:

As you can see, T4 is getting popular!

And for VS2010 there’s more to come on top of the features that Gareth describes. Not available in Beta1, but in Beta2 we’ll be providing support for accessing models in T4 via the modelbus. This will enable text templates to access models created with the new UML designers in Visual Studio and more enterprise-scale orchestration of code generation.