What is Windows Vista Sideshow?

I read a lot of news and comments about Windows Vista Sideshow. Several comments are in the lines of saying... hmmm what is the big deal about this new feature? Why would I need a small display on my laptop to see my meeting room or tasks, I already have them on my mobile... So I thought I'll just add some of my dreams and some reality about Windows Vista Sideshow since the above thoughts are from people who are not ready to dream about the usage scenarios.

First of all Windows Vista Sideshow is not a feature but a technology powered by Windows Vista.

For more proof of another use of this technology you can see the new Windows Vista MCE remotes launched during CES.


Now is this only for laptops and Media Center Remotes? I don't think so!

Lets dream a little and see what else can be done or how this technology can be taken to the next level...

Lets say in next couple of years we get to buy these mini devices powered by Wifi/Bluetooth and have support for Windows Vista Sideshow. Assume that by year 2009, these mini devices become dirt cheap like 5 devices for $100 or so. So people (like me) would go and buy 5 or 10 or more of these devices and would fix it everywhere in the house

  • On the refrigerator
  • On the main door
  • In the bed room
  • In the car
  • obviously in my MCE remote also and anywhere else you prefer...

and all these devices are being connected to the same computer running Windows Vista so that all the information required would be at your finger-tip anytime.

One of the differences with Microsoft Technologies is that you get a platform to develop and enhance it further. Which means that there are no bounds to how these mini devices can be used... for example these mini devices can be used in these scenarios (and many more which is limited by your ideas)

  • Home automation, to an extend of replacing all the switches in the house
  • Outlook calendar/tasks
  • Windows Live Email/Calendar/Messenger Buddies
  • Controlling music from your home theatre system (maybe Windows Vista MCE)
  • Stock Quotes

After reading the above do you really think Windows Vista Sideshow is just a small little display attached to one of those expensive laptops?


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