Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework 1.4.7 Released

This weekend, in preparation for today’s Windows Phone 7 launch, we released, the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework 1.4.7.  We fixed a few bugs and added tracking for the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework 2.2 now available for both Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

Thank you to the community of partners, developers, and designers who are using the framework and giving great feedback. 

  • If there is anything that you would like to see added or improved in the framework, please post it or vote for it in the Issue Tracker.
  • I have started a page which will list customers who are using the framework.  If you would like to add your company or site to this list, please contact me.
  • Download, install, and start using the framework today – it’s easy to use, free, open source, extensible, and works with the analytics services that you are using today.