Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!

They say change is good. So after 6+ years of working in the simulations group I've decided to tackle some new challenges. Today is my last day with Aces. It's been a fantastic experience working on some great products (FS8, CFS3, FS9, FSX and TS2) with a great group of folks. I will miss it. I've also really enjoyed blogging on my work and interacting with the sim communities. Best wishes. I hope you like what you see when TS2 is finally released. 

As for the blog, I'll be closing it down and eventually deleting it. It arose as part of my "tdragger" persona during the FSX development cycle and somehow it seems the right thing to do to retire it as I make my transition to other pursuits. I may pick up blogging elsewhere so perhaps our paths will cross out on the informaiton superhighway at some future date.