Here's a Tip

So much of the buzz surrounding the demo seems to be about performance with a hailstorm of varying reports. The problem is that it's hard to know *exactly* how people have configured the sim. Or is it? Here's a tip you "slider obsessed" might find helpful made possible by a new feature we (oh, okay, me--I'll allow myself a little backpatting just this once) added to FSX:

  1. Configure the sim to get the performance you want (or want to demonstrate)
  2. Click Settings on the left hand menu
  3. Click the Save button and provide a file name
  4. Send the CFG file that gets created to your friends
  5. Have your friends repeat step 2 and then use the Load button to load your settings

The CFG file stores almost all relevant display settings with the exception of device-specific settings like Screen Resolution, Filtering and Anti-Aliasing. You'll have to coordinate that youself. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the guesswork on who set what to what.


(P.S. You can also access this functionality in-game from the Options | Settings menu.)