Monitoring Cloud Connector Edition using Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Azure Operations Management Suite is a collection of management services designed for both Cloud and On-Premise use. The primary services provided by OMS are:

  • Log Analytics – Reports upon the metrics of multiple resources in the cloud and on premise.
  • Automation -Automate manual processes and enforce configurations for physical and virtual machines.
  • Backup - Provide resilience for mission critical intellectual property.
  • Site Recovery – Delivery of high availability services.

With the release of CCE v2.1 we can now use Log Analytics to monitor each of the Connector’s virtual machines and the CCE host. As part on the installation process a monitoring agent is installed on each machine instance we want to collect information from. The data collected is delivered to a Cloud repository when it can be searched, and then various actions applied. This now allows CCE to be incorporated into a wider Azure based Enterprise monitoring strategy.

The TechNet reference for the OMS configuration is provided below:

Having a document is great but there is nothing like “seeing” how something is configured to better learn a technical topic, with that in mind I’ve made the following “how to” video to knowledge share. I realise not everyone has access to a CCE or an Azure subscription, so I hope this helps.

Click here to learn "How To" Monitor CCE from Operations Management Suite