17 Frowns and a Box of Donuts

Today is the last day of the Exchange 2007 MCM rotation, and in fact, the last ever day of MCM 2007. The next delivery we do will be in March 2010, and will be... Exchange 2010.

As I type this, the Qual Lab is underway. 17 people in here taking it, in various states of comfort. Some look ok, progressing nicely, some... well... looking a little less ok. But with luck they will pull through and finish up before the time deadline expires.

The advice I always give them is the same - don't spend too long on one thing, don't go diving deep unless you've covered the basics, and above all else don't forget to ...

Fingers crossed they do well, With luck I'll be posting some new names to the site next week.

By the way, we're still offering the 30% discount until the end of June now, so if you want to attend MCM 2010, and quite a few people do, don't dilly dally, get signed up.