This week in Azure - February 29, 2016

Platform Updates




From Community

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Customer Stories

  • Ocean Informatics (Professional Services from Australia) has found that Azure offers flexibility, especially for training, Disaster Recovery, and testing environment.
  • TeamViewer (Professional Services from Germany) has chosen Microsoft Azure as standard cloud platform throughout the company.
  • Saab (Discrete Manufacturing from Sweden) turns to Azure to ensure rapid deployment of its SAFE security platform to protect customer data.
  • GE Healthcare (Health from the United Kingdom) has decided to deploy multiple applications on Microsoft Azure.
  • Otsuka Corporation (IT Services from Japan)  has incorporated licensing for Azure, and Azure customers can take advantage of pay-as-you-go billing.
  • Khara (Anime Production Studio from Japan) has solved their website infrastructure concerns with Microsoft Azure.
  • Wijkracht (Health from Netherlands) has chosen Azure Active Directory to connect better with the community.
  • Codit  (Professional Services from Belgium) stores about 100 gigabytes of data in Azure.


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Tomek & Mirek

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