How to get complete search results in Outlook 2013

After upgrading to Outlook 2013, me and my colleagues were annoyed by the search results in Outlook 2013. Typically, if you search for a common term, you get at most a page-full of results, with the most recent hits. Something like this:


There is link at the bottom, saying “More”, but clicking this one never yield much result.

The solution is fortunately not far away. Just click “File > Options > Search” and uncheck “Improve search speed by limiting the number of results shown”, like this:


Now, if you go back and do the same result, you should get more results!

One last thing: You may still get the “More” option, but now it refers the messages not cached locally on your machine. Starting from Outlook 2013, the client will by default only cache messages for the last 12 months, but this is easily configurable, as well. See this support article for details:

Happy searching!