Visual Basic "Orcas" Beta 1

I'm sure by now the news the Orcas beta 1 has been released is old news; but Amanda's got the scoop on some of the exciting features that we have in store for beta 1. I hope you get a chance to try out beta 1 and send your feedback to us; we definitely are on the lookout for feedback!

I hope you like the Intellisense changes that we've been making. I can honestly say that after using the new Intellisense features in Orcas, it's painful to step back to Visual Basic 2005 and use the Intellisense there; it just seems lacking! And the relaxed delegate feature is really useful; it makes writing event handlers much nicer. Try it out and let us know what you think!

PS: everything that I've blogged about so far works with Beta 1; I will try not to blog about a feature until you can try it our yourselves.