The Best Job in the Company…

I’m serious.

I genuinely think this is the single most exciting open position in Microsoft today.

After the release of Internet Explorer 9 beta, nobody should be questioning our commitment to delivering a hardware-accelerated HTML5 platform that can form the foundation for the next generation of web applications.

Microsoft is sometimes accused of being slow to move; but when we do set a course and direction, we can be faster and more focused than perhaps any other company of our size.

We’re about to hire our next IE9 / HTML5 Technical Evangelist, who can be the public face of Microsoft in the web community. This is a senior position, based out of our corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA.

This is not an ordinary job, and it requires an extraordinary individual. Someone who is a developer at heart, but who has a whole host of other skills beyond technical depth: dynamism, an entrepreneurial nature, creative talent, strategic awareness. Someone who is a natural ambassador and communicator. Someone who has presence. Someone who is dedicated to changing the world and ready to give their all to something that endures and touches tens of millions of people.

Are you the one?