(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Create metric alerts in Azure Monitor for Azure services

Today's tip...

You can receive an alert based on monitoring metrics for, or events on, your Azure services.

  • Metric values - The alert triggers when the value of a specified metric crosses a threshold you assign in either direction. That is, it triggers both when the condition is first met and then afterwards when that condition is no longer being met.
  • Activity log events - An alert can trigger on every event, or, only when a certain events occurs. To learn more about activity log alerts click here

You can configure a metric alert to do the following when it triggers:

  • Send email notifications to the service administrator and co-administrators
  • Send email to additional emails that you specify.
  • Call a webhook
  • Start execution of an Azure runbook (only from the Azure portal)

You can configure and get information about metric alert rules using

Azure Monitor Notifications

Duke Kamstra joins Scott Hanselman to demo the new Azure Monitor Notification features. Duke shows how you can receive alerts via SMS, email, or a WebHook when Azure is experiencing an incident or when something is logged to your Activity Logs.