ASP.NET Troubleshooting

So with how long ASP.NET has been out for now, I am really curious to know how people go about tracking down issues in their project.

I’d like to know things like:

  1. How do you know there is a problem
  2. What tools do you use to confirm that the problem really is a problem
  3. How do you gather data about the problem
  4. How do you determine if the problem is your code or something else (like the network, hard drive failure, etc)
  5. If the problem is your code, how do you ensure your fix resolves the problem (how do you test the fix)

If there are any others, I’d also like to hear them.

Also, if you do anything in the Cloud now, I’d love to hear how you troubleshoot that.  And it can be from any cloud service provider.

And have any of these things changed with some of the new ways to program that have come out.  For example, AJAX, MVC, Silverlight, IE8, jQuery, etc.