Feedback and Microsoft

There are a lot of different ways that feedback can get to Microsoft and a lot of different ways that it can be handled.  For suggestions for making our products better, one of the best methods is to use Microsoft Connect.

One of the things that aren’t know as well is that when our developers look at the data from Connect, they look at how many votes an item has to help them understand how many people are affected by this issue.

So I would suggest you post your issues and suggestions to Connect and also get the word out about the issue.  If you have one that you think I may be interested in helping to drive, feel free to let me know either through a comment on my site or by using the Contact Me and sending me an email.  Be sure to include the connection (“Visual Studio” for example) and the ID and title of the item so I can find it.  I will review the post and if I think it is important to more people, I will blog about it on here and get others to check it out and hopefully vote on it.