MSDN updates

Scott Hanselman did a great post about some of the new and upcoming features of MSDN that everyone should check out if you haven’t already.  You can read all his great details here.

This got me thinking about MSDN and some of the new things that I have noticed.

I think my favorite thing that is on MSDN is the ability for the community to add content to any page.  You can see this at the bottom of any page:


Clicking on that allows you to add a comment to the page.  You can also see just above that where you can add your own tags to the page.  These things can really help people get involved in the content on MSDN and help to change how things look on the site.

And if you want to really add to the documentation, you can always check out the ASP.NET Wiki.

So have you found any hidden gems?  Used any of the ones that Scott or myself have pointed out yet?

Tell me what you think.