New debugger extension for .NET, Psscor2, released

*UPDATE* The download is now 32-bit ! 

I wanted to be the first to inform everyone that there is a major update to the debugger extension story for .NET.  Psscor2 has been released!  This is a superset of the SOS.dll that ships with the framework.

This extension has a lot of advantages over SOS if you are trying to troubleshoot problems, especially if they are caused by ASP.NET.  All of the functionality that has been talked about on this blog for the SOS that comes with the debugger is now available for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5.

This one extension will troubleshoot all of those versions.

I will be getting into the new commands and talking more about this in the coming weeks.  But I wanted to let everyone know and have you all go download the extension.

The download contains a version for x86, amd64, and ia64.  Just like SOS, please be sure the debugger and psscor2 match the architecture of the process you want to troubleshoot.

This extension is being released AS IS.  So there is no support for it.  But having said that, if you have an issue or problem, please post it here on my blog and I will try to look into it.

Go download Psscor2 and give it a try.  Happy debugging!