Silverlight updates – CBS and a contest

As reported on a few sites:

Silverlight is going to be the technology of choice for CBS to broadcast their video broadcasting of the March tournament.

Users will be able to view the games in either a standard, 550 Kbps, broadcast using Windows Media Player or a hi-definition quality video with Silverlight, 1.5 Mbps.



On another note, there is now a Silverlight contest where you can win $5,000 and have your game featured in ServerQuest II.  For more information, check out the site at

For the contest, the requirements are:

The initial file download size cannot exceed 4MB Total file size must be < 10MB

Resolution limited to 800x430

There are no frame rate limitations

The game cannot include any upload file aspects

The game cannot require or allow any external communication (i.e. no send-to-a-friend components, etc.)

The game must be developed in Silverlight 2.0 and submitted in object/binary code format

The game must clearly indicate to others that it is governed by the Creative Commons license