Introducing the Microsoft Office Interactive Content Pivot

The Microsoft Office Interactive Content Pivot helps you find the SharePoint Server 2013, Project Server 2013, and Office 365 technical content that you’re looking for. The content pivot brings together content from TechNet and and allows you to filter on a variety of parameters, such as technical subject, job role, and IT lifecycle. Each tile in the pivot represents an article on TechNet or Each tile is color-coded by IT lifecycle, and contains the title of the article, which products it applies to, and a summary of the content.

The pivot viewer initially looks like this and currently indexes over 2300 articles:

You can use the filters to narrow down the content set returned, for example by setting Technical Subject to "data, information, and assets", and Job Role to "analysts", you filter the set down to about 50 articles.

You can zoom in to see the titles of the articles displayed. Some tiles have icons on them that tell you if the article contains a specific type of content, such as a video or diagram. The article in the following image has a video.

You can open the article for viewing in another browser window by clicking the View button. You can also create your own pre-filtered list of articles by clicking the Add button on the tiles for the articles that you want, and then choosing Bookmark List from the Actions menu.

Try it out!

- Samantha Robertson, on behalf of the SharePoint, Project, and Office 365 content teams.