Eating Cup-o-Noodle in LA

I’ll be in Los Angeles, California for TechEd 2009, doing Embedded things instead of certification things this year. I'm glad it worked out that I still get to go. I know travel budget is a killer for most people this year, but I hope to see you anyway, even if you're sleeping on the show-floor, eating cup-o-noodle, and carrying your swag around in a kerchief tied to a stick.

We (Windows Embedded) are doing two full-day, deep-dive seminars for experienced embedded developers as part of the TechEd precons. If that's you, you can learn more here. Our presenters are people like Doug Boling and my friend Dion (see Figure 1), who is funny. Everyone who attends the precon takes home a development board and a package of our software, which is cool.

Dion Hutchings Figure 1.

If you are not an embedded developer but want to learn about it, you can come visit our booth or go to one of the 12+ sessions in our track and meet my nice team.

Go to the TechEd Schedule Builder and click on the Windows Embedded track to find all of our stuff, including a three-parter in which my colleague Olivier teaches you how to build a digital picture frame all by your lonesome. Something you might like to know is that Olivier's voicemail message is in French. So, if you call him and he is not there, it is a fun little French surprise and you don't know what he is saying! It's possible that he's saying, "this is Olivier, please leave a message," but you really can't be sure; it's all very mysterious.*

In any case, if you're headed to LA, you should plan to attend WEM305: Building a Picture Frame, Part 1: Build the OS Using Windows Embedded CE, Olivier Bloch.

Windows Embedded CE is a 32-bit, real-time componentized OS designed to build small footprint, power conscious devices. During this session, learn the fundamentals of Windows Embedded CE and see how to use the tools to build a picture frame. From the Operating System designing up to the deployment on a real target, you will see demonstrated all the steps of a Windows CE device development. After this session you will not resist trying the tools to build your own customized picture frame!

See you soon, hopefully.


*Unless, say, you speak French.