Settled in to the Ivory Tower

And by ivory tower, I mean first-floor, putty-walled offices on 148th in Redmond, Washington. The movers did their usual slick job getting all the things plugged in to the right outlet in the right office and I’m all settled in to 119. It’s office 1274, should you wish to call on me.

The move is good, I think. Our engineering and marketing teams are all in the same building now (this might annoy the engineers but YT thinks its good for business). Another reason for the move was to get more space for our team, so I’m back with my own office again. And, an unexpected treat, I ended up with a lovely slice of window again. Another unexpected treat, my window faces a construction site for one of the new buildings going up, so the view is all hard-hats and tool-belts, if you know what I mean.

But really. It does not escape my notice that I have a job, smart co-workers, and interesting work—not to mention a warm office, compostable flatware, and a selection of teas—in a time when not everyone is in the same boat... I'm not too worried about where my chair is. So move us all you want, Microsoft!

In fact, I’ll just leave all my stuff in my crates, so I’m ready to move again at a moment’s notice. Just to be clear, I’m not leaving my stuff in my crates because I’m lazy. It is for readiness purposes only.