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Frequently asked questions about SQL Server reporting services.

long overdue post - book & bye SQL reporting services

About 2 years ago, as we were wrapping up SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005, I wrote a...

Author: tudortr Date: 11/08/2007

Reporting Services in SQL Express now available

The wait is over. The new edition of SQL Express - (free) that includes Reporting Services is...

Author: tudortr Date: 04/19/2006

Sample on ReportViewer controls with Object data sources containing nested objects

I made a couple of changes in the object data source sample on to illustrate...

Author: tudortr Date: 04/10/2006

New report viewer developer site

Great starting point for using the new Report Viewer controls in Visual Studio 2005...

Author: tudortr Date: 11/03/2005

Reporting Services 2005 advanced deployment options

Deploying Report Manager on an Internet-Facing Web Server I have seen a lot of questions on...

Author: tudortr Date: 11/03/2005

Adding security groups to Reporting services security doesn't take effect until IIS is restarted

If you grant Reporting services permissions (via https://servername/Reports | folder properties |...

Author: tudortr Date: 10/27/2004

Secure reports, parameters and User!UserID

I have seen enough questions on how to protect parameters passed to reports to warrant a blog entry....

Author: tudortr Date: 07/20/2004

Reporting Services SP1 and rsInvalidDataSourceCredentialSetting errors

If you upgraded to RS SP1 and noticed some of your reports that used to work fail now with the...

Author: tudortr Date: 07/19/2004

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services - measuring and improving performance

ยง Optimize your report queries. Usually the bulk of report execution time is spent executing...

Author: tudortr Date: 06/28/2004