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Unable to access library share from VMM Management Server

If you try to access the file share of the VMM Library Share from the Management Server you might encounter the below exception. I have seen the behavior in SCVMM 2016 and SCVMM 1801.



It is strange as I am logged in as an administrator(DOM50446\Administrator) and I installed VMM Management Server with the same account.


Now when I access the share from windows file explorer, I encounter the same problem.


Interestingly, if I access the file share from another machine with the same account, I can access the share. I do not remember why I tested it :)



I tried to locate the folder in my VMM Management Server and after some struggle I am able to locate it under C:\ProgramData\Virtual Machine Manager Library Files.


Looking at the permissions of the share, I can see "Domain Admins" group has full control, which explains why we can access the share from other machines.


Just for the sake of checking, I verified the account DOM50446\Administrator is a part of the group "Domain Admins".


I explicitly added the account DOM50446\Administrator to the permissions and gave Full Control.



And now the Library Share is accessible from the VMM console.



At this point of time, I do not have any idea why this behavior is seen. May be once I can talk to a Windows Expert I will get the answers to my questions :). And I will update the article with the root cause.

This is environment specific and I am not sure how I landed up in such a situation.