Microsoft and Opensource–Scripting with powershell

Microsoft loves Linux_2

You’ve heard Satya Nadella say “Microsoft loves Linux” and that’s never been more true than now.

Nearly one in three VMs on Azure are Linux. Nearly 60 percent of third-party IaaS offers in the Azure Marketplace are open source software (OSS).

We have even announced SQL Server on Linux, as well as open sourced .NET.

We added Bash to Windows 10 to make it a great platform for developing OSS. And, we’re active contributors and participants to numerous open source projects (e.g. OpenSSH, FreeBSD, Mesos, Docker, Linux and many more) across the industry.

PowerShell is open sourced and available on Linux. PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language built on the .NET Framework to help IT professionals control and automate the administration of the Windows, and now Linux, operating systems and the applications that run on them.)

Microsoft wants to earn customers’ preference as the platform for running all their workloads – Linux as well as Windows.

This new thinking empowered the .NET team to port .NET Core to Linux and that in turn, enabled PowerShell to port to Linux as well. PowerShell on Linux is now designed to enable customers to use the same tools, and the same people, to manage everything from anywhere.. You can download builds and check out the source code from GitHub and check out documentation at

So for students PowerShell skills are now even more marketable, and Enterprise Windows and Linux teams, who may have had to work separately now work together more easily.