Project Murphy Microsoft Bot Framework AI

Project Murphy is Microsoft’s AI-based services using the Microsoft Bot Framework


With the Bot Framework you can add the bot on Skype, Messenger, telegram etc..  and ask it all life’s most important questions such as: “What if Charlie Chaplin was a baby?” or “What if Beethoven was a rockstar!”

Project Murphy then uses artificial intelligence to answer these questions by combining the subject’s face with the object of interest i.e. a baby’s face smartly added on top of Charlie Chaplin’s face.

The results are always fun.Now, I can already hear you asking how do I use this?

You can use Project Murphy. To do so, you need to add him as a contact on Skype. Simply go to Project Murphy [Official Website] and click the “Add to Skype” button to proceed.


You will be asked to sign in with your email address/password.


After signing in, a new Skype window will open up. You will sign in and shortly after you will get the notification that “Murphy is Online”


If you can’t find Murphy in your contacts, you can search for him manually, of course.

You can now start a conversation with Murphy starting your questions with the prefix of “What if …” and that is it!

You can help contribute towards Murphy by replying with an emoji / emoticon.


Project Murphy is a nice concept and has some really amusing results look at the example above.

Project Murphy can also use your image (provided by you) to help answer some “what if?” questions of your own!