Callum Shillan

Callum has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry. Most of this has been involved in the provision of professional services in the design and development of large scale systems. During his career, Callum has worked in product support, software development and systems design. This has allowed him to play around in the C programming language (when the only available book was Kernighan and Ritchie's), compiler development for a proprietary language, troubleshooting the performance of Unix systems (never enough memory), and providing advice and guidance on the use of the Tuxedo distributed system.

Joining Microsoft in 1996, Callum was pleased that Y2K didn't turn into a major problem as he was on standby to go wherever and help as needed. Wisely skipping C++ and COM (with a side-step into Enterprise Strategy and Architecture), Callum returned to his technical roots and got involved in the early days of ASP.NET and C#.

Callum currently works as a Solution Architect with a particular focus on large scale web enabled applications as well as collaborative applications. A current focus is the provision of web-based mechanisms to help informal care networks to coordinate their provision of care to loved ones, friends and family.

In his spare time, Callum tries to make cheese. He is currently trying to master a passable Camembert/Brie style with Penicillium Candidum. Not as easy as you might think ...