SQL Bits XV: not just about SQL

This is a shameless plug for SQL Bits but this is important stuff so please don’t click close just yet..

sql bits

It’s not really SQL Bits anymore. At SQL Bits XV we have a conference that covers all aspects of data management business intelligence and data science. There are still sessions on managing the performance and well-being of SQL Server and it will be the event in the UK where we celebrate the launch of SQL Server 2016.

By the Community for the Community. The people running this event aren’t a bunch of suits from Microsoft. They're real passionate technical people who simply want to share their knowledge, and while Microsoft does sponsor this with time and resources the agenda is set by the community, as is the tone, so if you want the real world view this is a unique opportunity to get that.

How do I learn about Cortana? I regularly get asked how do I learn more about X where X is some cool bit of data related tech in Azure or in SQL Server and the answer would be SQL Bits.  Formal training courses like MVA and the Microsoft courses on EdX  are one way to go here. What makes the deep dives on the training days valuable is that these are delivered by some of the experts in the field. For example Mike Rys is doing a session on Data Lake and he is in charge of the U-SQL engineering team so his session is going to be bang up to date - plus no one know more about U-SQL than he does.  If I look at Buck Woody’s session on Machine Learning, Buck is not only one of the best presenters on any topic in Microsoft he’s in the Machine Learning and Data Science team (MLADS) which develop all the courseware on all this new stuff.  True I am running a day of R but in my defence I have gone on the journey I want you to go on which is to add R to your SQL and BI skills, and I am working with Steph Locke and MVP specializing in R

Is it Free? No it’s not all free, the community day on Saturday is but the training days and conference on Friday are paid for.  The event doesn’t make a profit but the only way it can work is by running paid for pre –training to subsidise the community day.  Although the Saturday and Friday can appear similar not all the big hitting Microsoft experts will be there on the free day and so those sessions are more likely to be run by community speakers.  The other point about these days is that the area of data is so big that there is plenty of content to easily cover a week of SQL Bits. For that reason many delegates go to attend the whole thing  and pick out they key sessions and training they are interested in.

SQL Bits is a unique opportunity to enhance your career, where you are now or where you are going.  It’s an opportunity to discover the art of the possible, meet and network with like minded individuals, and come and share your experiences.  Microsoft itself does have a big presence but you’ll find that like many of the other exhibitors we’ll be manning our stand with technical folks. In our case we’ll have a collection of field engineers who set best practice, licensing exerts and evangelists like me who are working on the latest stuff before anyone else is.

It’s my 15th SQL Bits so I have a perfect record. Why do I go? Because I love talking about data and catching up with you all so if you have been to them all too I will get you swag as a thankyou for your support.

See you there!