Get Work Done on the Go During the Holidays

With presents to buy, cookies to bake and family to visit, no one wants to be chained to their desk during the holidays.

Luckily, there’s technology to help you get your work done on the go. Office 365 is your office in the cloud and is available on any mobile device, so you can take your work with you (and quickly wrap-up to join your family).

With online conferencing, distance really isn't an issue regardless of where you go. Need to get everyone together? Host an impromptu online meeting complete with real-time note taking and screen sharing.

Even when you’re dashing through the snow, you can collaborate with co-workers on projects, deadlines and more. You can even share and work on docs at the same time as others and avoid version control hassles later. Office 365 also allows you to access calendars and plan meetings around busy holiday out-of-office schedules.

We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments section below how Office 365 is helping you get work done outside of the office.