How to Become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) or Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC)

I'm featuring my own article...

How to Become an MVP or MCC


Your own article? Really? Yes, really. (And now I'm talking/writing to myself.)

But I'm passionate about it, and it's been featured on the front page of TechNet and has received many comments. So I'm pretty sure that folks want to know about the topic.

In this blog post (that you're reading now), I wanted to explain how the Wiki article came about. It started with this Forum thread that Luigi mentioned in the Wiki article comments:

Several different folks explained the rewards, including the MCC Award's official account. (The account only responded to one other thread, about how government employees can't become MCCs).


So I set out writing this article to see if we could bring more light to the processes of how to become an MVP and/or MCC. Both seem to be a goal of many community members, and Henrik previously took a swing at writing a Wiki article about how to become an Exchange MVP. He came to similar conclusions that I did when I visited the two sites and talked to folks involved.

I also started to interview MVPs and MCCs for this blog (via our Monday interviews with Wiki Ninjas), and I began to ask them how they became MVPs and MCCs. I started to see a lot of consistencies.

You can check it out in the tips of the Wiki article:

Tips on how to become an MCC. In short, some tips include to make an impact online, to rule the MSDN/TechNet Forums, and to become noticed by key folks.

Tips on how to become an MVP. In short, the tips include to give quality online contributions, to give high-quantity contributions, to become a Forum Moderator, to share your content online, to speak at conferences, to get published, to become a leader, and to be consistent (over a year).

You can see that the MVP path might take longer, but both are valuable rewards. The MVP is also divided by specific technology area.

Also, you can read about the differences between the two awards.


I wrote these in TechNet Wiki so that we can refine these articles together as a community. I hope to add more specifics as I learn more about the awards.

Have a great day!


- Ninja Ed (Wiki, Profile)