Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Future of Business Application Development Platforms

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete CRM Suite of Sales, Service and Marketing modules but the most attractive part to ISVs is its rich Platform capabilities. As more and more ISVs are adopting this as a platform of choice, they are able to build their solutions faster, cheaper and better than building from scratch using a traditional development platform.

Microsoft’s Ben Riga along with Jason Hunt from Invoke Systems presented a good session in MIX’07 this week discussing the beauty of this platform including cool demos of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live and few real life solutions built on this platform. For live recorded session see here and for key highlights see below.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform:

· Architecture Pillars

o Data (On-Line and Off-Line; Extensive Customization/Configuration)

o Presentation (Validations; User Experience)

o Process (Automation)

o Security (Roles Based)

o Extensibility (Strong Eventing Model; Metadata Support ; Mashups)

· Deployment Models: Power of Choice

o Software + Service / On-Premise

o Rich/Web/Mobile Client

o Same bits – let customers change their mind at any time

· Management Choices

o Analytics and Reporting

o Data Lifecycle Management

o Manageability

Sanjay Jain

Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist