Zero260–Take your app from 0 To 60!

imageZERO260 is a virtual training session, that will get you up to speed FAST with Windows 8 game creation. In just 2 hours, participants will learn everything needed to create, upload and distribute a new game. Each session will cover a different game style, and keep you on the edge of your seat!

We think Construct2 by Scirra, is an AWESOME game framework that allows brand new developers to build their first game, and allows even the most experienced developers to build games quickly and easily and export them to multiple platforms, in the click of a button. Whether you're a new or old-hat dev, we want to help you get your app from zero to sixty in two hours flat.

Event Agenda:

  • Developer Account and Tools Set-up

  • Graphics Generation Overview

  • Actual Game Dev Scenarios

  • Exporting to Windows 8

  • Certification Submission

Sign up for an event, by viewing the EVENT SCHEDULE.  Make sure you register, and then follow the preparation steps before you join the event.

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