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Can I change my domain name?

Q: (from Janelle)

Reaching out to you guys to find out if you know for sure if I can or cannot change a client’s initial tenant domain.

We have a client whose initial tenant domain is spelled wrong….wasn’t a problem until now because they’re starting to use more features like sharepoint.…should be

Is there any way this can be changed?  Our guys have researched it and are getting conflicting reports so I figured I’d reach out for help!



My understanding is that we don’t support the changing or reuse of subdomain names.

From the Office 365 Domain FAQ (

  • You can’t rename the onmicrosoft domain after sign-up. For example, if the initial domain you chose was, you can’t change it to be To use a different domain, you’d have to start a new subscription with Office 365.
  • You can’t rename your team site URL. Your team site URL is based on your domain name, and because of the way SharePoint Online architecture works, unfortunately you can't rename the team site.

But I would still recommend that you contact Office 365 Billing Support to see if their process/policies have changed.

If you can’t change the subdomain name, then you will need to create a new subscription and move everything over; a classic migration. My only concern there is what type of billing subscription is the customer currently under? If it’s the Advisor or CSP – no problem, you can stop one subscription and start another without any financial penalty. If it’s an Open subscription, then you would want to wait for the current funds to be fully used before switching to the new domain name.


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