Redundant Site to Site VPNs are supported in Azure

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Most customers now a days are going to have more than one ISP and need a redundant connection to their Azure .  Dynamic failover capabilities are surely a must for most organizations.  Does Azure support redundant Site to Site VPN connections?


Yes Azure now supports redundant Site to Site VPNs.  Here is the link to the article that discusses how to setup redundant VPNs:

A Couple of the FAQs I want to point out:

Is BGP supported on all Azure VPN Gateway SKUs?

No, BGP is supported on Azure Standard and HighPerformance VPN gateways. Basic SKU is NOT supported.

Can I use BGP with Azure Policy-Based VPN gateways?

No, BGP is supported on Route-Based VPN gateways only.


One last thing to add:

Here is a link that talks about the different VPN Gateway types:

Here is the link that describes the maximum throughput per gateway SKU: 



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