Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams: Automated Upgrade Dashboard for Partners


Tim Tetrick


Hello Microsoft Partners!

In Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to support the transition from Skype for Business Online to Teams, we have made your customer’s upgrade status available on My Insights. You, as a partner, will be able to view each tenant upgrade status with whom you are associated (via DPOR, DAP, CSP, FastTrack Ready): if a customer’s tenant is eligible for upgrade, the date their upgrade is scheduled, and the date their upgrade has been completed (if applicable). Eligibility is met based upon features to which users have access in Teams.

Partners can check the automated upgrade tenant information at My Insights dashboard by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to your MPN account at
  2. Under the Membership menu, select Your Accounts and Reports
  3. Select My Insights to view the dashboard
  4. In your My Insights dashboard, select the Cloud Product Performance tab
  5. Select Office 365, and at the bottom of the page, partners can find tenant information regarding upgrade eligibility, status, the date scheduled for the upgrade, and actual upgrade date.

The information can then be exported to Excel.

You can also check out the new training video explaining how to access and use the Automated Upgrade Dashboard in My Insights.

Get Started

  1. Watch this short video and presentation to ensure you get the most from the Automated Upgrade Dashboard in My Insights
  2. Check out additional Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams upgrade resources for partners at

Thanks for reading and hope this information is useful!