The secret formula for a higher valuation...

Todd Sweetser

Top Partners seeking higher valuations have some basic strategies in common—tactics that you can use no matter where you are in your business journey. And, more importantly, tactics that will help you grow your profitability.

What are they? It’s as easy as S-V-P: Specialize, Verticalize, and Productize.

Now you can learn how to SVP” your way to a higher valuationin our new 4-partwebinar series with Mike Harvath, CEO of Revenue Rocket. Mike has been in the trenches with countless partners at the time when it matters most: when they’re gearing up to sell their businesses or acquire another business for growth. He specializes in shepherding partners through mergers & acquisitions and knows firsthand the strategies that lead to increased profits—whether you’re planning for a sale in 6 months or 5 years.

In this special series, Mike will share his SVP model and show how you can use it to help secure a stronger valuation and strengthen your business.

You will learn all about how to build a plan to transform your business and increase revenue, including:

  • Learning by example from successful, real-world partners who will share their results
  • Setting benchmarks to help you analyze your current position
  • Getting advice to create an actionable SVP plan that will help you carry out best practices in your business
  • Receiving prescriptive guidance and assignments to get you started today



Why “SVP”?

Analyze your baseline v. best practices

Build your SVP Plan

Get started with the Revenue Rocket Model


Dial in your SVP Strategy: Specialization, Verticalization and Productization—and why this approach has been proven by the best partners in the industry.

Determine your current status and baseline, and analyze your business vs. best practices to set your starting point for your action plan.

How to build a plan to transform your business model using the SVP model.

Get started using the proven Revenue Rocket “Go to Market” wheel approach.


Thursdays, 9AM PST

April 12

April 19

April 26

May 3

Join us!

Join us!

Join us!

Join us!

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Who should attend: This workshop is designed for Partner Business Owners, Business Decision Makers, Presidents or C-Level Roles.


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