Encore Presentation Measure Early and Often For Performance

Back in 2008 I wrote a two-part MSDN article (April 2008 and May 2008) about the basics of performance investigation entitled 'Measure Early And Often for Performance'.   At the time I also wrote a blog linking those articles.

Well it seems that after about 8 years, MSDN archives articles and so the links got broken.

However the content in those articles really holds up nicely over time.    The true basics of performance investigation have really not changed.

  • Step 1, Have a Plan (that is care about performance enough to devote some thought to it (and create a plan)
  • Step 2 Measure - That is get enough information to execute on your plan.  You will have to do this many times hence the early and often).

A lot has changed in the past 8 years.  In particular back when these articles were written PerfView did not exist, so now it is much easier to measure early and often.    But a lot has stayed the same, and in particular the general guidance that these articles give is still relevant.

So I when and plucked these out of the archives and put them here.

I apologize for the questionable formatting.   If you really want good formatting you can go to the MSDN Site, find the April and May 2008 issues, save them to disk, right click -> Properites and check the 'Unblock' box, at which point you can simply open the CHM file in windows explorer and you can find the article (if you see the index but not the article you did not unblock it.